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History of Tanah Merah Kechil Link at Bedok

Bedok is a residential neighbourhood situated in Singapore’s East Region. It is bordered by Marine Parade Road, Singlap Canal, Jalan Eunos, Still Road, Airport Road, and Eunos Link. The estate covers about 2,157 ha and consists of 8 subzones; Bedok Reservoir, Kaki Bukit, Bedok North, Kembangan, Bedok South, Frankel, Bayshore, and Singlap. The town has changed into a busy town and a great place to live in Singapore through constant upgrades.

The name “Bedok” is a Malay word for “drum” spelt as bedoh, but it is pronounced as Bedok since the “h” is pronounced as “k”. It originated from the mosque prayers to alert Muslims for worship during the pre-loudspeaker days.

With many changes around Bedok, it may come as a surprise that it was once a sleepy fishing village. The 2,169 ha land has a long history that goes back to the times of Sir Stamford Raffles or even longer.

The early inhabitants of Bedok were the Orang Laut (Malay for sea people) who lived in Kampong Bedok, Kampong Siglap, and other villages spread along the East Coast. After colonisation in 1819, the residents were ethnically mixed, mainly Malay and Chinese people.

By the 1970s, the villages were demolished to pave the way to develop modern apartments and industrial parks. The transformation of Bedok can be dated back to 1963 when the government laid down plans to create the HDB town. The government undertook a land reclamation program under the East Coast Reclamation Scheme Phase 1. In 1971, Bedok was named among the areas to be developed in the East Coast by the Housing and Development Board (HDB), and by 1976,  HDB had constructed 4,600 flats.

In 1994, the government announced the Bedok Development Guide Plan, but by this time, Bedok was already a thriving residential area packed with many leisure amenities. Under this plan, about 16,500 housing units were to be injected into the area to meet the housing demand.

The area has undergone various transformations making it the vibrant town it is today with a perfect blend of nature and modern amenities. As part of the Remaking Our Heartlands (ROH) programme on the East Coast, many amenities like Bedok Integrated Hub, Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre, and Bedok Mall have been upgraded.

Bedok has retained its kampong way of life through the street-level shops and hawker centres that act as meeting points for residents despite the numerous developments. Today’s Bedok is rich in history, but bustling with retail, recreation, and lifestyle activities.

With many family-friendly amenities around the neighbourhood, Bedok is drawing many homebuyers and investors. Under the Draft Master Plan 2018, Bedok is set to be revitalised with many community facilities that make life here more comfortable. The future Bedok residents can look forward to an estate equipped with pedestrian and cycling paths for easy connectivity and more convenience for the residents.